Boys Scouts of America (BSA)

The Boys Scouts of America is one of the largest Scouting and youth organizations in the United States, with more than 2.4 million youth participants and roughly one million adult volunteers. For over 30 years, Interstate Drywall Corporation has supported the program of the Scouts, which enables boys and girls to develop healthy habits; teaching a lifelong appreciation of physical and personal fitness, including the prevention of bullying; instilling environmental stewardship and sustainability; and providing leadership development and STEM education; while preparing young people for the workforce, throughout the diverse communities of NYC and NJ.

“Scouting teaches values that have the power to turn struggle into courage; self-doubt into self-esteem; indecision into leadership; and most importantly, turn a child into a productive citizen.”

IDC’s donations over the years have helped and supported BSA with program services, summer camps, outdoor adventures at Alpine Scout Camp, Pouch Scout Camp & Ten Mile River Scout Reservation, Sporting Clays and many more Scouting and Exploring activities around the metropolitan area.  Learn more at