Newark Airport Terminal One DISCA Award 2022

Project: Newark International Airport Terminal One Redevelopment Project

Type: Transportation Project

Location: Newark, NJ

Award: 2022 DISCA Excellence in Construction Transportation Project Award

Interstate Drywall Corp was awarded the 2022 DISCA Excellence in Construction Transportation Project Award for the work on the Newark International Airport Terminal One Redevelopment Project in Newark, New Jersey.

To call the Newark Airport Terminal One Redevelopment project massive may well be an understatement. The main part of the new terminal is shaped like a triangle and has three arms that extend outward from it, that will support 33 gates. The entire structure occupies in excess of a million square feet, just staggering. Interstate’s on-site work began with installing incredible amounts of exterior cold formed metal framing. Then followed this with the application of mind-numbing quantities of sheathing, the large majority of which needed to be installed well above ground level. This $2.7 billion facility is in the final stages of construction and will be the largest design-build project in New Jersey history.

Interstate’s work is also found throughout the structure’s interior. Travelers using the pedestrian bridge between the parking garage and the main terminal are surrounded by drywall and ceilings installed by Interstate. Inside of Terminal A, there are a myriad of shops and restaurants where Interstate crews did much of the drywall and intricate ceiling work, spanning a wide range of materials and design, in addition to the floor to soffit wood finish panels that clad restroom areas and the panels alongside and under stairs and escalators. Huge, curved soffits and, miles of drywall soffits and ceilings, were all executed to perfection by Interstate. Much of it isn’t simply straight-line work either, as it involves complex curves and angles. The quantity of natural and artificial light illuminating all the surfaces demands that they have a flawless finish as any irregularity would stick out like a sore thumb.


Considering the size of the terminal and add on top of it the fact that all construction needed to take place without disrupting normal airport activity and during a global pandemic, presented many challenges. Interstate's work can be seen throughout the terminal, which is now opened after three years.