City Line Bayonne DISCA Award 2022

Project: Lofts on Avenue “E”

Type: Multi-Family Project

Location: Bayonne, NJ


Interstate Drywall Corp was awarded the 2022 DISCA Excellence in Construction Multi-Family Project Award for the work on the Lofts on Avenue “E”, now known as City Line Bayonne, in Bayonne, New Jersey.

The project consisted of two multi-story apartment buildings, with a combined total of 162 units and over 225,000 square feet. A challenge on the project was where the two structures were to be located. On many sides, these buildings were to have just a few feet between them and existing structures or roads.  Both sites, Block 191 & Block 440, were ground-up construction projects. Once the foundations, footings, structural steel framework and slab floors were put in place, Interstate was able to join the construction effort. They began by erecting all the wood framing on the upper floors of both buildings. Floor by floor and room by room, both buildings went up. Once again, this was no easy feat because of how little room around the buildings there was to operate. Simply getting materials delivered to the site was a logistical and permitting challenge.

Gerry Nannenga: We had limited space for cranes. You had a real rigid policy of the city with deliveries, and just a lot of traffic on the street. So it wasn’t like you could just back up semi loads of panels and start unloading them, you needed permits every time, it was just an ongoing thing and, because of that, I think was the big difference between this and other projects where we’ve done side by side. 

In the end, Interstate was able to get the job done.  With both buildings completely enclosed and protected from the elements, Interstate was able to begin doing all the carpentry, drywall and ceilings throughout all interior spaces, including common areas and residential units. This work is extremely varied throughout the buildings and much of it is highly detailed, from the curved soffits and the wood planked semi-circular feature wall in the lobby to the beautiful and extensive drywall work in each of the buildings’ recreation areas and fitness centers. Long hallways are lined with flawless Interstate drywall work and topped with their ceilings as well. Their super clean drywall and ceilings continue into the comfortable and well-appointed residential units. In each, they also were responsible for all the countertops, cabinetry and trim work.

Gerry Nannenga: When we see it during construction, you’ve got trash on the floor, you’ve got people all over the place doing multiple things and you really don’t get a picture of kind of what it’s going to look like, but until it’s all done and it’s decorated and finished up the way this room is, it’s rewarding, it’s nice to know that you had a part in that.