Interstate Drywall Corp. is committed to the safety of all our employees and tradespeople on our job sites. We provide thorough construction safety training to every employee. Our goal is to provide the safest work environment in the industry for our team, with zero accidents and injuries.

All our employees are trained beyond OSHA standards. We have a documented Safety Manual that new employees receive, which is supplemented by our new employee Safety Onboarding Program. The program includes videos, seminars, classes, hands-on training and a written test requiring a passing grade before new team members are allowed on job sites.

We have a dedicated in-house Director of Safety who is responsible for establishing our Safety Program, implementing best practices and ensuring our program is current with local, state and federal regulations. The Safety Program is strictly enforced in the field with on-site Safety Supervisors to ensure that our in-house safety program is followed and that weekly safety meetings are conducted. Additionally, companywide safety meetings are held once a month at the corporate offices to instill the culture of safety at Interstate Drywall Corp.

We are proud of our safety record and our team's commitment to job safety.



Interstate Drywall Corp. Carpenter, Dominick Baricivic, received the monthly Site Safety Award for the month of November 2016, on the 242 West 53rd Street project. Interstate Drywall Corp. takes safety and safety training very seriously and is thrilled to see Dominic recognized for his commitment.

Edward J. Lydon of Pavarini McGovern was the Project Superintendent said, "Dominick is a credit to the Industry and to your organization."

We couldn't agree more. Fantastic work Dominick.

Safety Award - Dominick Baricivic - November 2016